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Monday, 19 Feb 2018

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011 16:43

DLT, SDLT and DLT VS Tapes

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Part Number Capacity Cagetory Description
C5142A Cleaning DLT HP DLT Cleaning for DLT III, IIIXT, IV
C5141A 15/30 GB DLT HP DLT IIIXT/ TK87 15/30 GB
C5141F 40/80 GB DLT HP DLT IV / TK88 20/40 GB
11776 20 /40GB DLT Imation DLT IV tape
16260 110/220, 160/320 DLT Imation Super DLT 1 tape
16332 Cleaning DLT Imation Super DLT Head cleaning cartridge
16988 300/600 GB DLT Imation Super DLT Tape II
174098 Cleaning DLT Maxell D85-CL Cleaning tape for DLT, 20
174097 15/30 GB DLT Maxell DLT III XT TK87
174095 40/80 GB DLT Maxell DLT4 tape TK88\
174074 220, 320 GB DLT Maxell SDLT1
174128 300/600 GB DLT Maxell SDLT2
174075 Cleaning DLT Maxell Super DLT Cleaning Tape 20
DL3CL Cleaning DLT Sony DL3CL DLT Cleaningtape (20 cleanings)
DLTVS1-160 80/160 GB DLT Sony DLT VS1 160
DLTVS1-CL Cleaning DLT Sony DLT VS1 Cleaningtape (20 cleanings)
DL4TK88JN 40/80 GB DLT Sony DLT4 Tape TK88
42681 40/80 GB DLT Fuji DLT 4 TK88
42419 Cleaning DLT Fuji DLT Cleaning Tape 20 cycles
43489 160 /320 GB SDLT Fuji Super DLT 1 tape


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